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An all-in-one corporate gifting solution provider for businesses!

To maintain a steady flow in your work and evaluate relationships in your business, rewarding is the best solution. However, when managing gifting-related tasks like handling gifts, storing, delivering, administering the entire process, and maintaining finances, corporates face many problems.

So, to ease out those hassles, ApnaReward comes as a one-stop platform for all your corporate gifting-related needs. We strive to offer you perfect assistance and help you enjoy a strong bond with your employees and business associates.

Who Are We?

Corporate Gift Company, Premium Corporate Gifts

We began our journey in 2008 as an event management company and crossed many milestones with our business offerings. However, while working with a bouquet of corporate companies, we realized their challenges in arranging gifting programs for their business associates and employees.

Large corporates usually organize simple but brilliant rewarding programs to encourage their employees, dealers, and business partners to stay loyal to their dedication to its growth.

However, it takes a lot of management, resources, and efforts to manage the entire task for the corporates, which can divert them from their business goals. And this is what has fueled our journey to emerge as a gifting solution company so that the business owners can have complete peace of mind while executing a successful, rewarding program.

Thus, to relieve corporates from gifting-related troubles and bring a novel change to the industry, we came up with comprehensive corporate gifting-related solutions across India.

Meet Our Team

We work as a robust team to offer you well-accomplished gifting services with proper management of the entire task. Our expert team members help you have an enjoyable journey with us, allowing you to extend your valuable business relationships for years.

Ankit Jakhodia

Ankit is the director and shareholder of ApnaReward. He is efficient in managing business relationships with our B2B customers. With his expertise in business management and experience, he adds more value to our gifting service.

Gopal Das Jakhodia

Gopal Das Jakhodia is one of the directors of ApnaReward. He has a significant contribution in shaping the company as a leading presence in this industry. With his long-drawn years of experience and expertise, he continues to evaluate our corporate gifting solutions.

Nupur Jakhodia

Nupur is a shareholder of ApnaReward and one of the active participants in taking our business goals forward. She is insightful and benevolent to build up more valuable business engagements.

Corporate Gift Company, Premium Corporate Gifts

Our Mission

ApnaReward aims to blur away all the obstacles and difficulties that come in the path of corporate gifting. With our myriad of gifting options and streamlined working, we aim to emerge as a leading company in this sector.

Our Vision

We work with the vision to help businesses build a more valuable work culture with special rewards for their employees and business associates. Thus, we take care of all corporate gifting-related tasks to reduce the hassles of the owners and help them foster their business relationships well.

Corporate Gift Company, Premium Corporate Gifts

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